BHJ Summer League

The Summer League organized by the Black Hills Juniors, will be will starting on June 1, 2021. We will be playing all games at West Community Center. Please see below for more information on registration, waivers and the summer league information! Space is limited so get your team signed up ASAP!

For those wanting to register as an individual to be placed on a team, please sign up at HS Summer League sign up. Annika will organize teams, and send out invoices for those who have been placed on a team. No payment required until team has been organized. Please watch for an e-mail from

Summer League Registration

Click the link below and you can download the team registration form for Summer League.

Summer League Registration

Summer League Waiver

Every athlete on your summer league roster must fill out the waiver below and have it signed by their parents and turned in at the first night of check in.

Summer League Waiver

Summer League Rules

1. Matches will be played at West Community Center, starting at 5:15 PM in June. Freshman/Lower JV will be held on Tuesdays – June 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd. Upper JV/Varsity will be held on Thursdays – June 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th.

2. Matches for the first three weeks 2 sets to 25. No third set will be played until the tournament week.

3. Each team will play two matches per evening.

4. Warm up for first match is 2-2-2, after first game there is no warmup. Please be ready for warm up to start after nets are up, about 5:05.

5. The schedule will be rolling, so please be prepared to keep matches going.

6. You must let Annika know at least one week in advance if your team will not be attending a night. If you do not call and do not show up, you will be asked to leave the league.

7. Anyone from your schools’ team can be a sub if a waiver is filled out and turned in before the match has started.

8. You do not have to play with less than six players. However, those games will be counted as a forfeit and the other team will be awarded a win.

9. All teams are required to officiate each night. An up ref, down ref, two line judges and a scorekeeper. Each team will need to bring their own whistles. No cell phones/air pods can be used by any of the officiating players. If caught your team will be asked to leave and forfeit any remaining games for the evening.

10. The last teams playing and officiating of the evening are required to take down nets and putting away score flipper/balls.

11. All schedules will be posted on the Black Hills Juniors website, and social media pages. Please check these sources on the day of in case any teams withdraw for the evening.

12. Please pick up any trash and respect the facility so we can continue to offer this program.

To download a copy of the rules click below:

Summer League Information