BHJ Summer League

Starting in June, the Black Hills Juniors hosts a summer league for any school or coach who would like to put a team together. Games are typically played on Thursday nights at Stevens High School from 5:30 – 9:30 pm with the last Thursday being the end of league tournament. Check back for additional information on our upcoming league!

Summer League Registration

Click the link below and you can download the information and registration form for Summer League.

2021 Summer League Registration TBD

Summer League Rules

  1. Matches will be played at Stevens High School starting at 5:30pm every Thursday in June.
  2. Matches for the 1st four weeks are 2 sets to 25 (no third set) cap at 27.
  3. Each team will play 2 matches a night.
  4. Warm up for teams 1st match of the night is 2-2-2, after that there is no warm up.
  5. We will have a rolling schedule so please keep matches going on each court.
  6. You must let Kylie know at least one week in advance if your team is unable to attend one of the nights. If you don’t call and don’t show you will be asked to leave the league.
  7. Anyone from your school can play on any team if you have a signed waiver.
  8. You do not have to play with a team of 6 if you are short players.
  9. All teams are required to officiate and need to provide an up ref, a down ref, 2 line judges, a score keeper, and a flipper. Each team needs to bring their own whistles. Please pay attention while officiating which means NO CELL PHONES.
  10. The last teams (including the officiating team) of the night are responsible for taking down the court. This includes nets, tables, chairs, and gathering balls.
  11. All schedules will be posted on the Black Hills Juniors website, the Black Hills Juniors Facebook page, and the Raider Volleyball page. Please check these sources before coming each week for changes that may be needed.
  12. Please pick up any trash and respect the facility so we can continue to offer this program. Thank you!

To download a copy of the rules click below:

Summer League Rules Coming Soon